Ranked: The 42 Laziest Dog Breeds In America

One oddly affectionate nickname I have for my dog Oreo is “slug. ”

No couch or bed is safe from Oreo, a pit bull mix and professional lounger who gladly snoozes on wood, concrete, dirt, hard plastic dog toys, and even piles of rocks.

whistle gps collar pit bull dog labeled dave mosher

A Whistle GPS collar on Oreo. Dave Mosher/Tech Insider

But are pit bulls really that lazy as far as dog breeds go? What about chunky bulldogs or droopy basset hounds or other lackadaisical pet canines?

To find out, Business Insider asked Whistle a company that makes a GPS and activity-tracking dog collar what the least active dog breeds are based on the data they see from the roughly 150, 000 Americans who’ve used its products. (Like all data, this set has limitations see our notes at the end. )

Here are the 42 least active breeds in the US, ranked by average minutes of activity a day.

And don’t miss our list of the 43 most active breeds , too.

#42: Anatolian Shepherd

Active an average of 66. 45 minutes aday.

#41: Beagle

Active typically 66. 16 minutes aday.

#40: Pomeranian

Active on average 66. 11 minutes aday.

#39: Standard Labradoodle

Active an average of 65. 59 minutes aday.

#38: Cockapoo

Active an average of 64. 72 moments aday.

#37: Chihuahua

Energetic an average of 64. 37 minutes aday.

#36: Basenji

Active an average of 64. 33 minutes aday.

#35: Labrador Retriever

Active an average of 64. 24minutes aday.

#34: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Active typically 63. 83 minutes aday.

#33: Rottweiler

Active on average 63. 41 minutes aday.

#32: Pug

Active an average of 62. 53 minutes aday.

#31: Siberian Husky

Active an average of 62. 43 minutes aday.

#30: Havanese

Active an average of 61. 84minutes aday.

#29: Dachshund

Active typically 61. 35 minutes aday.

#28: Great Pyrenees

Active an average of 61. 28minutes aday.

#27: American Staffordshire Terrier

Active on average 60. 56minutes aday.

#26: Golden Retriever

Active an average of 59. 53 minutes aday.

#25: Cairn Terrier

Active an average of 58. 6 minutes aday.

#24: Alaskan Malamute

Active an average of58. 19minutes aday.

#22: Whippet

Active typically 57. 21minutes aday.

#21: American Foxhound

Active on average 56. 98 minutes aday.

#20: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Active an average of 56. 72minutes aday.

#19: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Active an average of 56. 51minutes aday.

#18: Greyhound

Active an average of 56. 42minutes aday.

#17: Collie mix

Active an average of 56. 31 minutes aday.

#16: American Bulldog

Active typically 56. 06minutes aday.

#15: Shih Tzu

Active on average 55. 67minutes aday.

#14: Saint Bernard

Active an average of 55. 39 minutes aday.

#13: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Active an average of55. 17minutes aday.

#12: Shetland Sheepdog

Active an average of 54. 56minutes aday.

#11: American Pit Bull Terrier

Active an average of 54. 11minutes aday.

#10: Chinese Shar-Pei

Active an average of 53. 61 minutes aday.

#9: Shiba Inu

Active typically 52. 44minutes aday.

#8: West Highland White Terrier

Active on average 50. 73 minutes aday.

#7: Cocker Spaniel

Active an average of50. 46minutes aday.

#6: Puggle

Active an average of 47. 49 minutes aday.

#5: Basset Hound

Active an average of 47. 47minutes aday.

#4: Akita

Active typically 44. 83minutes aday.

#3: Newfoundland

Active an average of 44. 64minutes aday.

#2: Bulldog mix

Active an average of 44. 31minutes aday.

#1: Chow

Active an average of 43. 36 minutes aday.

Note: Dogs under 10 pounds are not well represented on Whistle (the GPScollar is usually too big for them), and the data only includes dogs who were active for more than 14 days in a row (to improve data quality). Testing of a Whistle GPS collar loaned to us by the company also showed it does not record indoor activity, nor can it really distinguish between walking or running. And correlation isn’t necessarily causation: Ownerswho don’tget dogs outside very much may gravitate toward these breeds.

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