The Internet Is FREAKING Out Over This 5-Yr-Old Who Crashed a Princess Party in Her Hot Dog Costume

“ In a world of princesses, dare to be a hot dog. ”

Most princesses are glammed out in tiaras, tutus and sparkly shoesbut one daring5-year-old just gaveDisney a ketchup and mustard makeover when she showed up to a princess party dressed as a hot dog.

Five-year-old Ainsley of North Carolina wanted to wear her favorite costume to princess week at the Holly Springs School of Dance. Frankly, it was pretty flippin’ amazing.

Ainsley’ steacher, Sarah Nativi, told BuzzFeed, “ She loves princesses, but she wanted to be original and wear a hot dog costume instead. She wore a princess costume underneath it and said she was a princess on the inside! ”

What Ainsley didn’ t anticipate is the whirlwind of viral attention that spawned from her bold move. Shenow hasfans across the globe praising her for going against the grain.

As stated by one, “ In a world of princesses, dare to be a hot dog. ”

Though her dad wasn’ t quite ready for his daughter to be trending under the hashtag #hotdogprincess, he couldn’ t be prouder of his little Oscar Meyer wiener.

“ Her parents and I agree that it’ s a great message for young girls and they are, as I can imagine, very proud of Ainsley, ” said Nativi.

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