David Gregory joins Donald Trump’s ‘fired like a dog’ club

Some more late-night tweeting from GOP front-runner Donald Trump, this time directed at former NBC anchor and current CNN analyst David Gregory:

Gregory left NBC in 2014 .

Gregory joins Trump’ s list of other foes who he says have been “ fired just like a dog, ” whatever that means. Can you actually fire a dog?

Erick Erickson ( which isn’ t true by the way ):

Cruz’ s former comms guy Rick Tyler:

Glenn Beck:

And Erick again:

This prediction on Chuck Todd’ s fate has yet to come true:

From the archives:

And what is it with Trump and his “ like a dog” comparison?

Trump even uses “ like a dog” for dating advice:

FWIW, Pattinson and Stewart did call it quits, but he’ s not having much luck with his new fianc, FKW Twigs . Time to drop her like a dog, too?

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2016/03/30/david-gregory-joins-donald-trumps-fired-like-a-dog-club/

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