Lowe’s hires veteran and his very helpful service dog


A Lowe’s hardware store in Abilene, Texas, is feeling the praise online after hiring a veteran and his service dog.

Air Force veteran Clay Luthy was having difficulty finding a job due to his service dog named Charlotte, who accompanies him at all times. But while other companies were unable to hire Luthy and Charlotte, the hardware store stepped within and offered the two a job.

We were interviewing people for his position and he has been one of the applicants. And so he showed up for the interview and he had Charlotte now with your pet, Jay Fellers, a human resource manager at Lowe’s, told KRBC .


Charlotte, a 10-year-old golden retriever, goes to work with Luthy during his shifts, alerts him and helps him stay calm. She also has the ability to help Luthy up, should this individual fall.
According to Reporter News , Luthy was a C-130 loadmaster in the Air Force until he “blew out” both of his knees. After five surgeries, he is still unable to bend their left knee.

Instead of medications, I have Charlotte, Luthy informed KRBC.

Charlotte now can be spotted working beside Luthy sporting her very own Lowe’s vest, which has become quite the hit with customers.

Last weekend, customer Judy Dechert Rose posted a photo praising Lowe’s with regard to hiring the two, which has since racked up more than 118, 000 likes.

“Everybody loves Charlotte. This definitely was not part of the job description, ” Luthy advised the Abilene Reporter News .

Image: Greg Jaklewicz/The Abilene Reporter-News via AP

But in 10-years-old, Charlotte’s hard working days are nearing an end. Luthy tells says he has the 6-month-old fantastic named Lola at home that’s currently training to be Charlotte’s replacement.

As for Charlotte, Luthy says that her “golden” years may be best spent bringing smiles to the faces of people in hospitals.

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