What This Dog Did When She Met A Bunch Of Kittens Is Too Perfect For Words

You know what’s cuter than a mama cat and all of her little kittens? Said kittens being introduced by Mom to her adorable dog friend in a precious scenario that’s set to emotionally charged piano music. If that sounds too amazing to be real, suit up, because this video is a thing that actually exists.

This cat befriended a local pup way back when, and after she gave birth to a litter of curious little ones, she knew that she had to introduce the whole gang. The dog was a little too excited at first, but after a gentle bop on the nose by Mom, the canine quickly became the cool aunt who would help them sneak wine at Christmas dinner one day.

#@@#@!! #@@#@!!

#@@#@!! #@@#@!!

(via #@@#@!! The Dodo )

Here’s the thing. My heart really can’t handle all of this, and I need to lay down. If you’re not already a useless puddle of puppy-loving goo, go ahead and watch this 30 more times. You know you want to. #@@#@!!

And if this isn’t you the entire time, you’re not doing it right.

#@@#@!! #@@#@!!

Read more: #@@#@!! http://www.viralnova.com/dog-meets-kittens/

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