14 Ways Your Dog Is Actually The Best Friend You Could Have

1. Your dog is genuinely enthusiastic about everything you two do together. Whether its taking long walks in the park, enjoying quick drives around town, playing fetch, or even just lounging around the house watching Netflix, your dog is always happy just spending time with you.

2. You never have to worry about canceling or negotiating plans with your dog. Theyre always at the ready to do anything you have in mind, whenever youre ready to do it.

3. Your dog makes mundane everyday activities that you usually do alonelike working out or running errandssomething to actually look forward to. Because you get to bring them!

4. And your dog keeps you mentally and physically healthyyou may be walking your dog, but your dog is walking you too.

5. Nothing beats coming home and seeing your dog go bonkers over how excited they are to see you. And it doesnt matter how long youve been goneyou could walk out the door, remember you forgot something, and come back inside mere seconds lateryour dog will still act like its the best thing thats ever happened to them.

6. And your dog doesnt care how you look, what time of day it is, or how youre feelingtheir excitement to see you and be with you is always present.

7. And that enthusiasm is a two-way street. Youre just as giddy to see them, as they are to see you. And that mutual happiness never falters.

8. Your dog protects younot just because theyll bark if anyone tries to break into your apartmentbut in an emotional sense too. Its been proven that your dog can actually smell how youre feeling and accurately read your facial features, which explains why they always seem to be able to sense when you need a hug the most. No other pet or human could be so unconditionally devoted to you and make you feel so good all the time.

9. Theyre the best source of comfort to you during your lowest moments. From their warm, soft body curled up in your lap, to them surprising you with kisses all over your face, your dog is an infallible remedy for any bad mood or tough day.

10. And unlike any other human friend, you always know that you can trust your dog to intently listen to you ventwithout worrying about feeling judged or guilty afterwards. Your dog is always prepared to absorb all your angst and stress, and then provide you with some serious cuddles afterwards.

11. While your dog is there for you during the bad times, nothing compares to how fun and fulfilling it is to have them there during the good times too. Your dog is always willing to celebrate even the smallest achievements with you.

12. Walking your dog constantly provides you with opportunities to interact with different people and experience new things. Everyone wants to meet your best friend.

13. Sleeping next to your dog is the epitome of a perfect slumber party to you. Your dog keeps the bed a perfect temperature of coziness and warmth, and nothing beats going to sleep feeling all of their faithful love for you.

14. Each dog has a personality of its own, and your dog is definitely one-of-a-kind. Which is why its so confusing to call them just your pet. Your dog means so much more to you than that.

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