Dog Rescued After Canine Companion Alerts Officer Of Her Whereabouts

It doesn’ t take much to be a hero , just a little courage and determination. When officer Chris Bisceglia came across an excited Scottish terrier, he had no idea that the little pup was a soon-to-be hero.

Once the dog, named Jacques, got the attention of the policeman, he led him toward a sight the officer never expected to see. A terrier was tangled up in the icy brush and needed saving. Officer Bisceglia knew that Jacques led him to the helpless pup so he could save her.

In the end, the little dog was rescued and everyone turned out just fine. Jacques  is being called a hero and his story has made it around the world. Some are even calling him a real-life Lassie.

If there’ s one lesson to be learned, it’ s that you’ re never too small to make a difference.

Read more: http://www.wimp.com/dog-real-life-lassie/

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