She Fed This Stray Dog For 13 Months, But When She Finally Scanned His Microchip? Unbelievable

The holidays generally turn out one of two ways for most people – spectacularly or terribly.

There’ s many reasons a holiday can be either good or bad, but for this family it’ ll be one they’ ll never forget.

In 2013 Ted Kupferman lost his best friend and companion Bear after a minor car accident. It seems the accident scared the dog enough that he just kept running until he was too lost to be found again. Two years passed and the family had all but given up.

By some miracle, Bear had actually been found in a junkyard, where two women had been carefully feeding him long enough for them to actually catch him. Thankfully the dog has a microchip and successfully made his way home! Check out the full story below and be prepared to need a tissue, this is one wild ride.

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