Its Time To Stop Looking For The Perfect Mate And Start Looking For The Perfect Dog


In 2016, its never been easier to feel frustrated with the dating game. Sure, the search for love has been a little exhausting, but now with our overabundance of superficial dating apps, arbitrary texting rules, and the ability to be ignored on at least 5 different social media platforms at once, its no wonder some of us are opting out of dating altogether.

I know how it must sound. Im Captain Bitter onboard The Lonely Express. Like Im some grumpy old man sitting on my front porch yelling a bunch of nonsense like, And youre right, theres a level of cynicism thats settling in. Its natural, I think. Its natural to tire of the same stuff.

Because I think our obsession with romance is actually holding us back from a relationship.

I, like so many millennials I understand, grew up with this idealistic notion of what love looks like – that it appears straight out of a 90s rom-com. It passionately announces itself. Theres no ghosting. No online dating. Its just there, waiting to embrace you.

Im not saying great love doesnt exist or that you cant have it. But were so focused on dating, on finding our other half, that maybe were secretly doing ourselves a disservice. Life is about more than just romantic love. Love exists in so many forms.

And you know the form we could all use a good dose of? Unconditional love.

I dont know about you, but Ive found that kind of love doesnt come from snagging the perfect mate. For me, that kind of love has always existed in a furry face with a wagging tail.

If you want someone to love you purely, unconditionally, and no matter how you look, ditch the romantic expectations. Instead, find yourself the perfect dog.

A dog isnt going to care that you didnt shower that day. A dog isnt going to judge you for eating an entire microwavable pizza at 2 am (theyll probably just hope youre willing to share). A dog isnt going to fall out of love with you and trade you in for a newer model. A dog is going to be there, every day, equally ready for an adventure or a lazy day on the couch.

If you want to experience a lasting relationship, a Till Death Do Us Part type of relationship, get yourself a canine companion. Not only can you learn a thing or two about love, but dogs have this trusting ability that I believe we, as humans, should try to emulate. They dont hold grudges. They dont judge based on preconceived notions. Dogs are the very essence of love.

I think we’re able to all try to be a little more like mans best friend.

Hey, falling in love is great! No one is disputing that! But a dog is going to love you. And you just cant say that about everyone else you meet.

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