These Dog Playing Cards Have The Most Awesome Illustrations Ever

People say they love dogs all the time, but does it really mean anything if you don’ t have dog-themed playing cards? Whether you’ re playing poker, solitaire, doing a magic trick, picking your neighbor’ s lock, or whatever other fun activities you do with playing cards, you can now do it all with tiny doodled doggies looking back at you.

Pack of Dogs , as the deck has been branded, is the latest project by San Franciscan artist John Littleboy, who operates a kooky and creative online playing card shop known as Artiphany. “ Transformed by an artist’ s imagination, these ordinary playing cards are a small box of treasure, ” he writes about the canine-inspired set on his website. Adorable, simply-sketched critters have been Littleboy’ s specialty since 2010, and that he also offers a range of cheeky greeting cards – sorted by animal and occasion, of course.

Shuffle through Pack of Dogs below, but heed this warning – normal handmade cards may never seem cool again.

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