How a shelter dog is helping a military vet adjust to life back home.

This is Tiger. And every day is his lucky day.

GIF via USA Today/YouTube.

The happy, social pup was adopted from a shelter in Georgia. Plucked from the bunch for his high energy and social skills , Tiger was granted a new “leash” on life as a service dog because Angela knew he’d be perfect.

That is Tiger’s human, Angela Simpson. Since meeting Tiger, every day’s been her lucky day too.

GIF via USA Today/YouTube.

Simpson and Tiger were brought together through One Warrior Won , a nonprofit that provides service members with support for PTSD.

Approximately 18 to 22 military veterans commit suicide each day , though the number can be higher or lower for specific population of veterans. But no matter how you look at it, it’s the very definition of a crisis.

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