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Image caption Peter Wrighton’s body was found in woodland close to East Harling at about 10: 45 BST on Saturday

The household of an 83-year-old dog walker “brutally” stabbed to death have described him as “immensely kind”.

Peter Wrighton’s human anatomy was entirely on Saturday near Fiveways Junction, three miles south of East Harling in Norfolk.

He was repeatedly stabbed in his neck and head, post-mortem examination tests showed. The murder weapon has not yet been found.

Norfolk Police said it had been not yet known if retired BT worker Mr Wrighton, from Banham, knew his killer.

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Officers said that they had received a lot more than 100 calls in the past three days concerning the murder.

Mr Wrighton, a married father-of-two and grandfather, has been described as “gentle” and “mild mannered”.

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Image caption Peter Wrighton, who lived in Banham, near Attleborough, leaves two kids and a wife of 59 years
Image copyright Norfolk Police
Image caption Peter Wrighton was out walking his two dogs when he was killed

In a statement, his wife of 59 years and family said: “Peter was immensely kind rather than had a poor word to express about anybody and people always seemed to have a liking to him.

“We are extremely thankful for all the individuals who have come forward to consult with the police and hope we shall soon have the ability to understand why it has happened. ”

Mr Wrighton had volunteered at Snetterton Dogs Trust and Bressingham Steam Museum as a guard on the trains.

Image caption Phil Moore, parish secretary at the St Mary the Virgin church in Banham, said he was shocked and saddened

The dogs trust said his murder was a “devastating situation”.

Phil Moore, parish secretary at the St Mary the Virgin church in Banham, who knew Mr Wrighton, said: “He was a very nice man, an extremely gentle man. He would stop and have a chat. He loved his dogs and loved his family. That he never had a bad word to say about anyone.

“I am very sad. It will be a shock never to see him around the village. ”

Image caption Police are asking anyone who lives near the murder scene to check their bins for a weapon

Alastair Baker, from the steam museum, added: “We were already shocked that something had happened so locally but to learn it involved Peter is even more shocking.

“He was a kind, gentle guy who everybody liked. Our thoughts are along with his family who must be devastated. ”

Mr Wrighton’s body was bought at about 10: 45 BST on Saturday.

Norfolk Constabulary has about 50 officers working on the murder case.

Image caption A police cordon remains in place at the scene
Image copyright Norfolk Police
Image caption Mr Wrighton’s dogs were found close to where he was murdered and so are safe and well

The force has asked people who live within five miles (8km) of the scene to check their bins for “a weapon or any such thing unusual”.

Ch Supt Mike Fawcett said: “It’s unusual to have an attack where we can not show if there’s any connection between your victim and the offender, and we don’t know the motive for the attack. ”

He added: “If the victim is not recognized to the attacker, it is really strange for some body to just attack some one in the open.

“We have a person who is violent out there and it’s really somebody we have to find quick. ”

That he said if someone is “protecting somebody” they should think about the victim of the crime.

Police said there was no indication Mr Wrighton have been killed in a robbery.

A 71-year-old woman was raped at West Harling heath in 1994, close to the location of Saturday’s murder. The attacker in that case was never identified.

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