Snapchat’s dancing hot dog has now been viewed a whopping 1.5 billion times

Image: chloe bryan/mashable

It’s official.

Humanity has now watched Snapchat’s animated hot dog gyrate and breakdance more than 1 . 5 billion times.

That’s a combined 142 years of grooving meat footage, an average of close to 30 seconds for every Snapchat user. It adds up to a Super Bowl commercial’s worth of focused mass attention.

Unfortunately for Snap, the intense fixation on the mega-meme didn’t count for much in the grand scheme of its second-ever Wall Street earnings report on Thursday. There isn’t exactly a space for the stat on a balance sheet.

That did not stop CEO Evan Spiegel from boasting to investors about the weenie’s pioneering achievements.

“Our dancing hot dog is most likely the worlds first augmented reality superstar, ” Spiegel said in the call.

The pork partier did serve as a nice sideshow distraction from the gobs of money Snapchat managed to lose in the past quarterenough to buy more than 100 million real hot dogs, as one Gizmodo reporter pointed out.

Instagram may be stealing its traffic and Wall Street may be pummeling its stock, but Snapchat’s hot dog will never stop dancing.

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