What Is This Thing Doing?! Adorable Dog Puts Up With Parrot Buddy’s Nonsense

If I’ m {being|becoming|getting} totally {honest|truthful|sincere}, I’ ve never really {seen|observed|noticed} the {appeal of|benefit of} having {a parrot|a bird} as {a pet|a dog|a family pet}.

I mean, you’ re {basically|essentially|generally} housing {a|the} loud-mouthed freeloader that {contributes|adds} nothing {to the|towards the} household. {But for|However for} one {family|family members|loved ones}, not only {is a|is really a} parrot {the perfect|an ideal|the ideal} pet, {but it also|it also} fits in {well|nicely|properly} with their {lovable|adorable|loving} pit {bull|half truths}.

Look at {these two|both of these} sharing {a|the} warm (if not {a little|a small} confusing) {embrace|accept}.

I have to {give|provide} this {dog|canine} a lot of {credit|credit score} for {putting up|setting up|adding} with the parrot’ s shenanigans.

I can’t {tell|inform} if this {is|will be|is usually} fun {for them|to them|on their behalf} or {horrible|terrible}…?

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