All dog owners can relate to this honest note from a pup sitter

{Owning a|Running a|Having a} dog Sharing your home with a dog {is a|is really a|is just a} life-changing experience. But when it comes down to it, pups are still animals, and they {don’t|do not} always do exactly what {you want|you need|you would like}.

Redditor carlwinslow187 went out recently, and got a dog sitter to watch their pups. They returned home to {a note|an email}, which perfectly sums up what a typical night {is like|is similar to|is much like} for {someone|somebody|some body} living with dogs.

After thanking carlwinslow187 for {the experience|the knowledge|the ability}, the sitter described their experience with on the dogs, named Ella, who wasn’t very hungry but was {a little|just a little|only a little} gassy.

“Ella only ate half her food, ” the note reads. “I tried giving it to her {several times|many times|repeatedly}, but after my final attempt she farted on me & ran away, so I guess she {wasn’t|was not} hungry. ”

Anyone who has ever struggled {to get|to obtain|to have} their pup to eat (or not eat something) {will be able to|can|should be able to} relate. {Enduring|Putting up with|Suffering} dog farts is just {one of many|among the many|one of several} stinky situations that arise while sharing your life with a dog.

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