Lucky Whitehead has dog kidnapped, is mis-ID’d in theft, released by Cowboys

Lucky {Whitehead|Blackhead|Black head} may want to consider going by his birthname of Rodney after {an extraordinary|a fantastic|an exceptional} week of bad news

Lucky Whitehead {may want to|may choose to|might want to} consider going by his birth name of Rodney after {an extraordinary|a fantastic|an exceptional} week of bad news.

The wide receiver, who has played in the No13 shirt during his career, {was released|premiered|was launched} by the Dallas Cowboys on Monday after reports emerged {he had|he previously|he’d} missed a court hearing relating to {a case|an incident|an instance} in which {he had|he previously|he’d} stolen $40 worth of goods {from a|from the} Virginia convenience store in June.

{However ,|But|Nevertheless ,} on Tuesday, Prince William County police said {they were|these were|they certainly were} confident {the man|the person} charged with the crime had falsely given Whiteheads name when he was arrested. That tallied with Whiteheads agent, Dave Rich, who said his client wasnt in the state {at the time of|during|during the time of} the theft. Prince William police said it regrets the impact these events had on Mr {Whitehead|Blackhead|Black head} and his family.

Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo)

Ebert confirmed all charges against Whitehead dropped (as agent told @RapSheet ). Said man arrested had no ID but knew Lucky’s DOB/SSN.

July 25, 2017

On Tuesday, {Whitehead|Blackhead|Black head} said {he was|that he was} disappointed at the Cowboyss handling of {the situation|the problem|the specific situation}. As far as {the whole|the complete|the entire} situation {went down|transpired|took place}, I was blindsided, {he|that he} told the Dallas Morning News . I didnt know about a warrant that came about {in the first place|to begin with|to start with}. Clearly because I wasnt the person arrested. The head person [at the Cowboys] I told, {no one|nobody|no-one} backed me up. {No one|Nobody|No-one} had my back in {the whole|the complete|the entire} situation. I knew {about it|about any of it|about this} at what? 12. 45. By {2 .|repayments|-} 30 Im released… Lets not sugarcoat anything. I was {pretty much|just about|virtually} being called a liar.

Last week, {Whitehead was|Blackhead was|Black head was} {caught up|swept up|trapped} in {another|yet another|still another} bizarre incident when {he|that he} said his dog, Blitz, had been kidnapped and ransomed for $20, 000 . The story became stranger when video emerged of a rapper, Boogotti Kasino, with Blitz. Kasino said he had {not|maybe not|perhaps not} kidnapped {the dog|your dog|canine} but had bought it and wanted {Whitehead|Blackhead|Black head} to reimburse him. Blitz has since been {returned|came back|came ultimately back} safely.

Whitehead was left off the roster for {a game|a casino game|a game title} last year when he missed a team meeting, apparently after {a late night|a night time|an evening} out. ESPNs Josina Anderson said a Cowboys source had {told her|informed her|shared with her} Whiteheads release would stand, and was due to {an effort|an attempt|an endeavor} to improve the roster from an ability and team culture {standpoint|viewpoint|point of view}.

The Cowboys have had a troubled off-season. As well as the {Whitehead|Blackhead|Black head} saga, star running {back|right back|straight back} Ezekiel Elliott was allegedly involved in an altercation at a bar on Sunday but was not charged, while wide receiver Dez Bryant missed a team meeting.

Rich said {he was|that he was} confident his client has a future in the league. We got made an example of, Rich told ESPN . They needed to make an example of {somebody|someone|some body} to get those boys heads on straight. It is calculated. But I get it. Its business. [Cowboys head coach] Jason Garrett said it. They {needed to|had a need to|needed seriously to} do whats in {the best|the very best|the most effective} interest of the Cowboys. I think theyre wrong, but I {get it|obtain it|have it}.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/jul/25/lucky-whitehead-dog-kidnap-misidentified-released-dallas-cowboys

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