A Dog Cafe Is Finally Coming To NYC And You Need To Plan Your Trip Right Now

Step aside, cat cafs, because {New York City is|New york is|Nyc is} about {to get|to obtain|to have} its {very own|individual|own} caf .

The dog-friendly {coffee shop|restaurant|cafe} and community space, called Boris & Horton , is set to openin the East Village in December 2017.

Do youknow what that means? Puppy cuddles for the holidays!

DNAInfo reports Boris & Horton’s father-daughter owners, Coppy and Logan Holzman, fittingly named the spot after their own pups: Boris, a pitbull mix, and Horton, a terrier mix. SO CUTE.

{When the|Once the|If the} dog-friendly caf opens, {anyone|anybody} will be welcome to bring their dog. Butsimilar to feline-friendly locales before it, the caf {itself|it self} will reportedlyfeature a glass wall {to separate|to split up|to separate your lives} the dogs from {the food|the meals|the foodstuff} space, per Department of Health rules.

Not in a weird way, though.

Coppy told DNAInfo,

It’s like basically {going to|likely to|planning to} someone’s nice living room {with your|together with your|along with your} dog, {and it’s|and it’s really|and it is} adjacent to {a place|a location|a spot} where you can get all your food and coffee.

{So basically|So essentially|So fundamentally}, you just {have to|need to|need certainly to} grab {your food|your meal|the food} and drinks on one side of the glass, but you’re {totally free|no cost|free of charge} to dine withyour dog (and {everyone|every one|everybody} else’s) {on the other side|on the other hand|on the reverse side}.

Perhaps you’rethinking, Who’s {going to|likely to|planning to} watch my dog while I order a latte and some grub?

If that’s the case, {you’ll be|you will be|you will end up} pleased to {know that|understand that|realize that} Boris & Horton’s staffers will be {available to|open to|offered to} look after your pooch {while you’re|as long as you’re|if you are} on {the food|the meals|the foodstuff} side.

{Speaking of|Talking about|These are} food, the caf {will be|will undoubtedly be|will soon be} serving up your standard coffee, pastries, and sandwiches in addition to beer and wine.

You don’t need to own a dog {to stop|to avoid|to prevent} by. {However ,|But|Nevertheless ,} if you’re {in the market for|searching for|looking for} a new {best friend|companion|closest friend}, owners Coppy and Logan have partnered with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue to host adoption events.

{I’m|I am} pretty much counting down {the days|the times|the occasions} until {I can|I could|I will} have my cake and pet {other people’s|other’s} dogs, too.

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