Dads Hysterical Rant About Landing Knee-Deep in Dog Poop With 2 Daughters Is the Stuff Parenting Dreams Are Made Of

Oh, the surprises that come, when parenting a human {is no|is not any|isn’t any} longer a cute idea.

For anybodys whos been in {the business|the business enterprise|the company} of raising littles, these wise words of mommy blogger Jess Johnston ring painfully true.

And nobody could agree {more than|a lot more than|significantly more than} Clint Edwards, a dad whos built his base of loyal fans from admittedlyhaving NOidea what hes doing {when it comes to|with regards to|in terms of} the skillful art of child-rearing. On his Facebook page, No Idea What Im Doing: A Daddy Blog , Clint regularly takes readers through his uniquely wild ride of fatherhoodmarkedbytrial and error and trial .

His most recent parenting saga paints an all-too-relatablepicture of being knee-deep in crap (literally) {with his|along with his|together with his} 3-year-old daughter, Aspen. With a shovel, a Band-aid and a dose of humorous bravery, Clint handles his poopy lil princess like a champand leaves us with a nuggetof parental wisdom {that you simply|which you|that you just} cant afford to miss:

Norah (age 7. Not pictured) found some dog poop in {the front|leading|the leading} yard. In the time it took me to walk to the backyard for a shovel, Aspen (age 3) grabbed the poop and smeared it {on her|on her behalf} sister.


I didnt teach her to do that. {I want to|I wish to|I do want to} get this across right now, because Im {not|maybe not|perhaps not} taking credit for my childs poop handling. She figured that out herself.

Norah ran into the house crying, Aspen chasing her , me following the two with a shovel like some sort of a gravedigger, {not sure|uncertain|unsure} exactly what happened during the five seconds I was in the backyard, but confident it had something {to do with|regarding|related to} dog poop.

{It all|Everything|All of it} came to light quickly, {however ,|but|nevertheless ,} when Aspen turned to me with her poop hands, and as I dropped the shovel {so I|therefore i|and so i} could keep this little turd handler from touching me too, she fell and cut her knee.

{As you can see|As you can plainly see|As you care able to see} from the picture, she cried long and hard like shed been caught in a bear trap, poop hands out {for me|for me personally} to hold her.

Suddenly I was {faced with|confronted with|up against} a decision. Leave her {on the ground|on the floor|on a lawn} and forget that {I have|I’ve} a daughter. Or pick her up and comfort her, all while most likely getting dog poop on me.

Sometimes your kids are sick and dripping snot, and they come at {you like|you prefer|you want} Jabba The Hut asking Princess Leia for a kiss, {and you|and you also|and also you} pause for a moment, wondering if this whole parenting gig {is really|is actually|is truly} for you. {Ultimately|Eventually|Fundamentally} you kiss them, though. You always do. And sometimes they handle dog poop and cut their knee, {and its|and its own|and its particular} your job {to make|to create|to produce} them right again.

{So I|Therefore i|And so i} did it.

I cleaned her hands and her cut, her screaming the whole time, me crying on the inside. I sat her on my lap, {all the while|even while|whilst} trying desperately not to get poop on me, but failing. {No one|Nobody|No-one} gave me an award. Chances are, she wont even remember this moment. But I know {I did|I did so|Used to do} the right thing.

So if you are knee deep in poop, my fellow parents, I see you. I respect you.

Hold strong. I cant say that whatever nasty thing you had to endure was worth it. But what {I can|I could|I will} say is that you are parenting like a rockstar.

{You may not|May very well not|You might not} have won any awards, but today we salute you, feces-slaying fathers of America.

Your prince-like chivalry may be masked as poop shovel-rybutyou sure make it look GOOD.


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