She Didn’t Think Much Of A Toy Bear Until Her Dog Stepped On It. Then She Heard This

Military members sacrifice so much when they’re {away from home|abroad|overseas}, and having a way to {connect with|connect to|interact with} their {kids is|children is|young ones is} so {important|essential|crucial}.

A few years ago, one company called Bday Bears provided active duty military members with {teddy bears|teddies|bears} so they could record {a message|a note|an email} to their {loved ones|family members|nearest and dearest}. A man stationed overseas in Afghanistan recorded the following message for his daughter: “Merry Christmas from Afghanistan. Daddy misses you and misses you. {I want to|I wish to|I do want to} wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I’ll see you soon and {I love|I really like|I enjoy} you. ”

That’s the message that Amanda Fields heard when her dog stepped on a teddy bear her daughter Amaya {was given|was presented with|was handed} by a neighbor. Immediately, she knew the bear was special and that she had {to find|to get|to locate} its owner.

Fields, who lives in Indiana, reached out to Bday Bears, but they said there was {no way|no chance|not a way} to track the bear. That’s when she took to Facebook and {social media|social media marketing|social networking} to find the bear’s owner.

Paige Holguin, {who was|who was simply|who had been} all the way in California, {immediately|instantly|straight away} recognized her brother’s voice. He had given the bear to his daughter, {who is|who’s} now 16 years old. Tragically, he {suffered from|experienced|endured} PTSD and took {his own|their own|his or her own} life. {They are|They’re|They truly are} working to {return|get back|reunite} the bear to his daughter, {who will|who’ll|that will} now have {a piece of|a bit of|an item of} her father’s memory.

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