Snapchat’s dancing hot dog now has an unofficial game, and we literally can’t even…

Dear, Dancing Hot Dog. I hate you.

Snapchat {has done|did|has been doing} it again. It’s created another insanely viral camera filter {and this|which|and also this} time it’s so popular it inspired its own unofficial bootleg game (available on iOS and Android ).

{I’m|I am} of course {talking about|discussing|referring to} the Snapchat’s footloose weenie, better {known as|referred to as|called} the ” dancing hot dog ” that’s inspired everyone’s new favorite meme. Nice {knowing|once you know|once you understand} ya, flower crown and puppy ears !

{As the|Because the|Since the} dancing hot dog continues to {take over|dominate|take control} the internet, some evil geniuses have taken it upon themselves to make it a silly, unofficial game and it’s ridiculously hard. Like Flappy Bird- leveldifficult. It’s driving me nuts.

{The game is|The overall game is} simply called Dancing Hotdog! and has no affiliation with Snapchat {as far as|so far as|in terms of} we can tell. In fact , we wouldn’t be surprised {if it’s|whether it’s|whether or not it’s} in violation of Snapchat’s intellectual property and gets removed from all app stores, but whatever. For now, it’s available for {download|down load} and super addictive.

Like Flappy Bird , which took {the world|the planet|the entire world} by storm in 2014 , Dancing Hotdog! looks easy {on the surface|at first glance|on top}… until you actually try to play the damn thing. {You end up|You wind up|You get} just {wanting to|attempting to|planning to} rage quit and fling your phone at wall because a stupid basic AF game keeps kicking your ass.

{You probably|You almost certainly|You most likely} know {the feeling|the sensation|the impression}. And if {you don’t|you do not|you never}, go {download|down load} it {and you’ll|and you will|and you should} soon the understand why this game {is the|may be the|could be the} work of the devil.

And yet, {I can’t|I cannot|I can not} stop playing it. {Since it was|Because it was|As it was} {brought to|taken to|delivered to} my attention this morning, {I have been|I have already been|I’ve been} sneaking in runs every few minutes. {Don’t|Do not} tell my editor.

{It’s been|It has been|This has been} a complete waste of my time, and I keep coming back for more. {To be honest|In all honesty|To tell the truth}, I can’t even make it past 12 {percent|%|per cent} on {the first|the initial|the very first} level. {I can’t|I cannot|I can not} even keep count {of all the|of all|of all of the} F-bombs {I’ve|I have} said under my breath. Stupid freakin’ hot dog. Ugh.

My {final thoughts|summary|conclusions} on this platformer: Eff this game. Seriously, eff it to heck and its stupid spikes you’re supposed to jump over. Eff its laggy jumps. Eff its cheesy music. Eff the stupid mustard bottles you have to collect. And oh, god, eff its horrible, terrible {ads|adverts|advertisements} that {get in the way|block the way|block off the road} of {everything|every thing}.

I {haven’t|have not} hated an iPhone game this much since Flappy Bird , and I’m sad to report I’ll be playing more of it later today. Curse you dancing hot dog. Curse you!

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