Minor league baseball makes sports better by hiring a dog waterboy

You know what would make professional baseball more exciting? If it were played with puppies instead of people. But alas…

Minor league baseball {is getting|gets} something right, however , {by having|insurance firms|with} Jake the Diamond Dog be the {best|most readily useful|most useful} damn waterboy we’ve ever seen. Monday night at the Fort Wayne TinCaps game, the incredibly good Golden Retriever brought water to thirsty umpires between innings. Zach Groth, sports anchor at ABC21 WPTA News , posted this video of the pup doing his very important job.

A focused Jake eagerly {brings out|brings about|brings forth} a little basket full of water bottles to the ump, and is rewarded with lots of scratches. WHO’S {A GOOD|AN EXCELLENT|A GREAT} BOY? After waiting patiently for the ump to rehydrate, Jake, like the professional he is, trots back {near the|close to the|nearby the} dugout {to wait|to hold back|to attend} for {the next|another|the following} thirsty official, unfazed by the action around him.

This isn’t {the first time|the very first time|initially} Jake {has worked|spent some time working|did} in baseball he is {a seasoned|a practiced|an experienced} pro. Here he is serving as batboy during {another|yet another|still another} game. {He is|He could be|He’s} obviously {a great|an excellent|a fantastic} utility player.

Jake is such a good boy, we just can’t {take it|go on it|go}.

Any way {he can|he is able to|they can} sing {during the|through the|throughout the} seventh-inning stretch? We’re sure he would do an amazing job.

Read more: http://mashable.com/2017/06/27/jake-the-waterboy/

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