This Pregnant Dog’s Maternity Photoshoot Is So Magical And Twitter Is Swooning

I {don’t know|have no idea|do not know} about you, but eversince I entered my mid-20’s, my Facebook timeline is filled with {lots of|plenty of|a lot of} pregnancy announcements, gender reveals , and maternity shoots.

I react with the love icon whenever I see them, but {to be honest|in all honesty|to tell the truth}, a dog named Fusee just stole the pregnancy spotlight with her pre-birthphotos.

On Monday, June 26, Fusee’s owner, Elsa , shared the photos from their mini maternity photoshoot on Twitter.

My bestfriend is 8 weeks pregnant so we decided to {do a|execute a|perform a} maternity photo shoot, she captioned a set of four heart-melting snapshots captured by herphotographer friend, 19-year-old ClaytonFoshaug .

In the photos, Fusee, a pug mix, sports a dainty rose flower crown as she poses for the camera alongside her BFF, Elsa, whoholds {a sign|an indicator|an indication} that reads, Soon 2 Be Mom. She smooches her dog’s furry cheek and looks super {proud of|pleased with|happy with} thepregnant pup.

I {cannot|can’t|can not} handle the cuteness, and neither can the rest of Twitter.

Elsa’s tweet {instantly|immediately|straight away} went viral, as people couldn’t help but swoon over Fusee’s shoot.

We love you, Fusee.

Seriously though, her adorable belly looked ready to pop at eight weeks.

And like the cherry atop her newfound fame, Fusee gave birth on June 28, Elsa announced via Twitter .

She welcomed a total of eight puppies after {going into|entering|starting} labor.

Congratulations, Fusee!

Many commenters on Elsa’s initial post suggested she get Fusee spayed after her delivery.

It’s not {a bad|a negative|a poor} idea considering, according to PETA , {Just one|Just one single|Only one} unaltered female dog and her offspring can produce 67, 000 puppies {in only|in mere|in just} six years. That’s of puppies.

It’s simply impossible to keep up with those numbers and give every animal a forever home .

All spay talk aside, {here’s|here is|listed here is} to hoping Fusee makes a full recoveryand that her babies are healthy and happy with their mama!

{If I|Easily|Basically} had eight newborn puppies in my house, I think {I would|I’d|I might} cancel adulthood and spend all my time {with them|using them|together}.

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