Pregnant dog gets the maternity shoot it never asked for

Image: @meet_clayton/twitter

For far too long, dog mamas have been denied the right {to produce|to create|to make} their own maternity shoots, on the flimsy conceptual ground that they “don’t understand what {they are|they’re|they truly are}. ”

{That time is|That point is|The period is} slowly ending, one doggie photo shoot {at a time|at the same time|at any given time}.

Elsa Veria-Means, known on Twitter as @ elsa_means , recently decided to {pull out|grab|take out} all the stops for a maternity {shoot for|aim for} her 8-week pregnant pup. Sure, {the dog|your dog|canine} technically {isn’t a|is not a} human {and it|also it|plus it} doesn’t have a social media audience it needs to impress. {And it|Also it|Plus it} likely {doesn’t|does not} understand what maternity, cameras, or photography photos are.

Who cares!? {The concept is|The idea is|The style is} great and the doggo is adorable and sometimes we just need nice things.

Image: @meet_clayton/twitter

Image: meet_clayton/twitter

Image: @meet_clayton/twitter

Image: @meet_clayton/twitter

{Of course|Needless to say|Obviously}, Twitter was enthralled. Doggo photo shoots is what Twitter dreams are made of.

To be fair, there’s a long history of pets getting their own maternity shoots. But {so far|up to now|to date}, none of them {have had|experienced|have experienced} a filter and a flower crown like this. This dog was made to model shorty denim shorts at Madewell. She’s a rosemary-scented candle, {made into|converted to|changed to} a dog. She’s perfect.

We’re just so proud.

Read more: http://mashable.com/2017/06/28/dog-gets-maternity-shoot/

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