Kim Kardashian sparks Puppygate as Twitter poll to name North’s dog goes nuclear


Say hello to Sushi Kardashian-West!

Kim Kardashian has apparently vetoed the results of a recent Twitter poll {that would|that could|that will} havenamed her daughter North West ‘ s new puppy Peachy Pop, {and now|and today|now} fansare defending their votes in her mentions.

{It all|Everything|All of it} started {when the|once the|if the} reality star gave West {a tiny|a little|a small} Pomeranian as a fourth {birthday present|personal gift|bithday present} in mid June. To up the cuteness factor, cousin Penelope Disick got a “ sister puppy” at the same time and named hers Honey.

My little Northie! This face

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Sister puppies for North & P! Penelope named hers honey. What should we name ours?

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Cute stuff!

After {a few days|a couple of days|a day or two}, though, Kardashian apparently realized she was entering the weekend {without a|with out a|with no} name {for this|because of this|with this} puppy and asked fans on Twitter to help her. Options like Baby Jesus mighthave been jokes, but others like Goldie and Peachy Pop (aka Peaches) seemed like they couldbe North-approved contenders:

In the end Peachy Pop won out over Sushi with 29percent of the {nearly|not quite|not exactly} 250, 000 votes. {That might|That may|Which may} have been {the end|the finish|the conclusion} of things right there, but Kardashian announced early Tuesday morning that, despite the poll results, “ FYI the puppy’ s name is Sushi. ”

Would anyone have cared {about this|concerning this|relating to this} dog’ s name had the poll not run? Probably not! Sushi is a perfectly acceptableidentity for a 4-year-old to assignto a Pomerianian. But because Kardashian had asked forfan input, people vocally defendedtheir top picksin hermentions well into Tuesday afternoon:

{Another day|A later date}, another {piece of|little bit of|bit of} proof that Kim knows how to wring fiveheadlines out ofa common life event.

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