Nora The Former Abused Dog, Finds Comfort With Unexpected Friend

Nora has hard {a hard|a difficult|a tough} life. Recently rescued from an abusive home, Nora was terrified of {everything|every thing} and {everyone|every one|everybody}. Except, {when it comes to|with regards to|in terms of} new comer, baby Archie.  

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    The English Pointer was adopted {into a|right into a|in to a} loving forever home recently, yet still suffered sever {trauma|traumatization|upheaval} from her previous abusive home.  

    But things turned for the better when Archie came around.

    Dogs are often {known to|recognized to|proven to} protect babies, but in Nora’s case {it was|it had been|it absolutely was} the opposite.  

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    Little baby Archie is giving Nora the comfort and protection she needs.  

    Nora was {most likely|probably|almost certainly} drawn to Archie because, {like most|like the majority of|similar to} puppies and babies, {they are|they’re|they truly are} innocent and enduring.  

    When mother Elizabeth Spencer saw how calm and relaxed Nora was around Archie she started to witness their bond and how it was growing.

    She did what any mother would do….

    She documented {everything|every thing}

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    Elizabeth mostly photographs Nora and Archie {during their|throughout their|in their} naps.  

    The two {are usually|are often|usually are} cuddling {with their|making use of their|using their} backs against each other {and with|sufficient reason for|with} a toy. This just proves that Nora {is a|is really a|is just a} big softy.

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    Although {coming from|via|originating from} an abusive and traumatic past, {she is|she actually is|she’s} sweet and gentle that even the family’s cat doesn’t mind being the replacement toy and snuggle.

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    The family’s other rescued dog also likes to {join in|interact|participate in} for {an afternoon|a day|time} nap.  

    Elizabeth does stress that although her dogs are soft and gentle with baby Archie, she {does not|will not|doesn’t} leave them alone and nap time is always supervised.  

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    Nora and Archie became best friend {instantly|immediately|straight away} and their bond only grows.  

    Along with their naps they enjoy looking outside at the scenery, {for hours|all night|all day}.

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    {At first|Initially|In the beginning}, Elizabeth {wanted to|wished to|desired to} only document the relationship that had formed between Nora and Archie. However , now she {hope to|desire to|aspire to} bring more awareness to rescue dogs and how an older/ larger dog with a troubled past, can {still be|be|nevertheless be} a wonderful friend for {small children|small kids|young children}.  

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