Wrinkly Dog Sniffs Tiny Tortoise, But Then The Little Guy Teaches Him A Lesson

Turtles and tortoises are definitely {some of the|a number of the|a few of the} silliest-looking creatures.

Cozily sealed in their shells, they creak along clumsily, seemingly either running {away from|from|far from} something or looking for a morsel to {chew on|munch on|nibble on}.

But that doesn’ t mean that other animals shouldn’ t {take|just take|simply take} them seriously.

They may be {a bit|a little|somewhat} wobblybut their shells {make for|lead to|alllow for} a great defense mechanism.

They’ re all not all that slow {when they|if they|once they} really want something, just look at this determined tortoise tear {across the|over the|throughout the} kitchen in hot {pursuit of|quest for|search for} his big purple ball.

One tortoise, in particular, taught a wrinkly little dog that they’ re {not to|never to|to not} be messed with in the video below.

The clip starts with the dark pugsniffing his nose around his scaly friend.

He then begins to give the tortoise little licks, as dogs do, but the tiny reptile seems none too keen aboutit.

The sniffs and the licks {continue|keep on|carry on} until the tortoise opens his little jaws and gives {a small|a little|a tiny} but mighty snap.

Suddenly he’ s latched onto the pug, holding on tightly as the wrinkly face whips back

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