Tiny Dog Is Terrified When Vet Tries To Trim Her Nails On TV, Then She Tries To Wriggle Away

{When it comes|As it pertains|In regards} time to trim your dog’ s nails, it can be a nerve-wracking experience for the {both of you|you both|the two of you}. I know I’ ve never been brave enough {to do|to accomplish|to complete} it for my pup, always bringingher to a groomer or the vet to take care of it for me.

But after hearing the {tips|recommendations|guidelines} from {Dr .|Doctor} William Draper and {Dr .|Doctor} Francoise Tyler, hosts of the Nat Geo Wild show Love and Vets , it doesn’ t seem like {such a|this type of|this kind of} daunting task anymore.

Obviously, {if you|in the event that you} don’ t feel comfortable giving your dog {a quick|an instant|a fast} nail trim, you should {continue|keep on|carry on} taking them to {someone|somebody|some body} with experience rather than dive-in with shaky hands.

{Unfortunately|Regrettably|Unfortuitously}, the sweet girl in the video below, Lovey, doesn’ t want to {give the|supply the|provide the} vet {a chance|the opportunity|an opportunity} as she nervously skitters away from the clippers

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