Moms Confused By Family Dogs GrowlingUntil Shes Pulled To Apartment Where Many Children Live

Kailey, a 3-year-oldshepherd mix, spent the first couple years of life neglected and {unwanted|undesired|unrequired}. She was placed on theDeKalb County Animal Services adoption list, but no one {wanted to|wished to|desired to} adopt her. She was almost euthanized, but {luckily|fortunately|fortuitously}, a foster family stepped in just {in time|with time|over time}.

Foster mom Jacqueline said Kailey {had been|have been|was} treated so poorly {in the past|before|previously} that {she would|she’d} snap at strangers {if they|should they|when they} tried {to touch|to the touch} her. This made it {more difficult|more challenging|harder} to find a family wanting to adopt her.

Jacqueline took to Facebook to see if anyone in her Georgia community {would be|will be|could be} interested in meeting Kailey, despite her {issues|problems|dilemmas}. EnterSuzy Chandler, who {instantly|immediately|straight away} fell in love with and adopted Kailey in December 2016.

Things were going great, and Kailey was adjusting to her {new life|new lease of life|new way life}. But one morning, Suzy noticed Kailey acting very strangely.

Out of nowhere, Kailey started barking and growling. {It was|It had been|It absolutely was} clear she was {trying to get|looking to get|hoping to get} her family’ s attention, but Suzy had no idea what she wanted.

Suzy took Kailey outside and was immediately yanked in {a specific|a particular|a certain} direction toward the side yard.

That’ s when Suzy noticed a strange smell and even stranger sounds. She called 911.

The fire department arrived and told Suzy they needed to perform anair monitoring check at a nearby apartment complex where many children were known to reside.

Watch the video below to find out why Kailey, {a dog|your dog|your pet dog} once on the brink of euthanization, is now being hailed as a hero.

{Due to|Because of|As a result of} restrictions, this video {cannot|can’t|can not}
{be viewed|be looked at|be considered} in your region.

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