Mom Lays Out Yoga Mat, But Seconds Into Her Routine Shes Interrupted By A Baby And A Dog

If you’ re a parent, you’ re already well aware of {the fact that|the truth that|the fact} you’ re never alone.

No matter how old {your child is|your son or daughter is|your youngster is}, {from a|from the} newborn to a full-grown adult, they always {manage to|have the ability to|find a way to} find {you just|you merely|you simply} when you’ re {trying to|attempting to|wanting to} have {a moment|an instant|a minute} to {yourself|your self}. Animal parents experience this too.

{Have you ever|Perhaps you have|Maybe you have} tried {going to|likely to|planning to} the bathroom with threecats {and one|and something|plus one} overly attached dogin {your house|your home|your property}? They barge in after just fiveseconds alone.

Now if you have pets and {kids|children|young ones}, you know {this is a|this can be a|it is a} double whammy, just like this mom who recently experienced a very crowded yoga mat.

Jessica Mougisshared a video of her attempt to do some yoga when her 8-month-old crawled onto the mat. {Not to|Never to|To not} be {left out|overlooked|omitted}, her 5-year-old Rhodesian ridgeback named Romeo also joined the fray.

These two {were not|weren’t|are not} going to let Mom do yoga alone! But this mom had no problem letting her babies join, as I’ m sure she’ s quite used {to this|to the|for this} never being alone thing by now.

{If you|In the event that you} thinkthis baby and dog aretoo cute, you’ ll also adore this toddler that realized her mom was in the bathroom and {decided to|made a decision to|chose to} open {the door|the entranceway|the doorway} right away without telling her first.

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