Hockey Team Honors Wounded Veteran, But Navy SEAL And Service Dog Crash Event From The Ceiling

With how much our service members give to this country, {it is always|it will always be|it is usually} incredible to see them honored {for their|for his or her|because of their} hard work and dedication.

At a recent Dallas Stars game, the National Hockey League teamhonored a wounded veteranby putting on a show.

On Veterans Appreciation Night, they did not {hold back|restrain|keep back} in making {the night|the night time} memorable. They chose to honor Cary Flatt, a veteran that received a gunshot wound to the head while serving in Afghanistan. {Since then|Since that time|Ever since then}, he has faced issues with anxiety.

To help him, they provided him with a service dog. But not just any service dog! {A service|Something|A site} dog {that can|that may|that will} repelfrom the ceiling with a Navy SEAL buddy.

SEAL Ryan Parrott repelled down {before the|prior to the|ahead of the} game {to present|to provide|presenting} Cary {with his|along with his|together with his} new service dog.

Many wonderful {organizations|businesses|companies} came together to make this big moment happen. Rebuilding Warriors, a nonprofit organization, has amission to provide service K-9s to honorably discharged veterans. The Birds Eye View Project is an organization that works to introduce America to service members overcoming adversity.

If you love service dogs, then you’ ll love to see this former bomb-sniffing dog get the special treatment on the blue carpet at an NHL game. 22 Kill, a veterans’ suicide prevention organization, also was there to represent their cause.

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