This Dog Was About To Fall Victim To A Python, But Something Unexpected Happened

Some snakes are derps who eat tennis balls . {Others are|The others are} vicious enough {to try to|to attempt to|to try and} take down a full-grown dog.

This dog and his owner were out for a walk in Karnataka, India, {when a|whenever a|each time a} python slithered out of the brush and attacked. Within seconds, {the poor|the indegent|poor people} pup was completely constricted and {in danger of|at risk of|vulnerable to} being swallowed whole. If it {wasn’t|was not} for his owner’s bravery and quick thinking, {he would|he’d|however} have been the snake’s next meal {for sure|for certain|without a doubt}.

Incredibly, {the man|the person} managed to fight off the python and free his dog. {The dog|Your dog|Canine} barked {as the|because the|since the} snake slithered away, but he knew to keep his distance!

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{I can’t|I cannot|I can not} believe that hitting the python with a branch actually worked! {Be sure to|Make sure to|Make sure you} share this insane side of nature with your {friends and family|relatives and buddies|family and friends}, especially {those who|those that|people who} can’t stand snakes.

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