Dog Abandoned Over His Looks Now Has Hundreds Wanting To Adopt Him

A 10-month-old dog named Picasso is exiting {a very|an extremely|a really} blue period in his life, {thanks to|because of|as a result of} an Oregon dog rescue group.

Picasso, a pitbull-terrier mix, was born with a facial deformity {that makes it|that means it is|which makes it} look {as if|as though|like} his snout is going right while his jaw goes left.

{Except for|Aside from|With the exception of} a misaligned upper canine that digs into the gums of {the lower|the low|the reduced} jaw, Picasso is {healthy|healthier}, according to Liesl Wilhardt, executive director of Luvable Dog Rescue, located just {outside of|beyond|outside} Eugene.

He can eat sideways, but hes {a very|an extremely|a really} messy eater, she told HuffPost. Same with water.

Picasso was {a part of|an integral part of|part of} a litter of five puppies born last year in Porterville, California, by a backyard breeder.

But the breeder was {unable to|struggling to|not able to} sell Picasso and Pablo, and they were both {taken to|taken up to|taken fully to} the Porterville Animal Shelter.

Both dogs were close to being euthanized before Wilhardt {found out about|heard bout|discovered} them from Shannon Corbit, a volunteer at the shelter.

I asked her if she had any dogs with special needs, because I felt {we could|we’re able to} take some on, Wilhardt told HuffPost. She said, Yeah, theres a dog with a facial deformity, and I {fell in love with|fell deeply in love with|fell so in love with} his picture.

When Wilhardt found out both Picasso and Pablo were on the shelters euthanasia list, she immediately adopted them.

{That was|That has been|Which was} two weeks ago. Since then, Picassos unique features have made him a viral sensation.

Luckily, {most of|the majority of|nearly all of} his deformity is cosmetic.

His jaw is fine, the deformity is in {the top|the very best|the most notable} part of his nose, she said. The jaw hinge is not deformed. He can open it normally.

Nevertheless, {there are|you can find|you will find} plans {to have a|to truly have a|to really have a} tooth removed in the near future {to remove|to eliminate|to get rid of} that upper canine.

Liesl Wilhardt

Once Picassos tooth is fixed, {he|that he} and Pablo will be {put up|set up} for adoption as a duo.

{They are|They’re|They truly are} very attached, she said. The term bonded is over-used with dogs, but {these two|both of these|those two} have come to rely on {each other|one another} for security comfort and support.

Wilhardt says both dogs are {perfect for|ideal for} an active family with older kids.

Picasso is outgoing, happy, curious and loving, she said. Hes so unaware of how different {he is|he could be|he’s}.

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