This Dog’s Bark Might Sound Cute, But It’s The Result Of Horrible Abuse

When David and Kerry Hardman began fostering a rescue dog named Betty, they noticed something very peculiar about her bark.

{Shortly after|Soon after|Right after} bringing her to their home in Cumbria, England, the couple heard her emit squeaky hiccuping sounds {instead of the|rather than the|as opposed to the} deep barks you’d {expect|are expecting|are expectant of} from a huge Bordeaux mastiff. They laughed, thinking that the sound was a product of her excitement. The real {reason behind|cause of|reason for} her bark, though, {is absolutely|is completely|is totally} heartbreaking.

Before Betty was taken away from her previous home by the Dogue de Bordeaux Welfare organization, rescuers {believe that|think that|genuinely believe that} she was severely neglected and isolated for five years. She was likely so lonely and {desperate for|in need of|eager for} attention that she barked nonstop, causing permanent {damage to|harm to|injury to} her vocal chords.

“I’ll never understand how {you can|it is possible to|you are able to} sit in a room and ignore a dog {in the next|within the next|next} room barking like that. {I would|I’d|I might} find it heartbreaking to hear her calling out for attention, ” David told Daily Mail .

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(via Daily Mail )

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