They Were Worried About Their Foster Child Adjusting Until He Met This Dog

{It is estimated that|It’s estimated that|Approximately} there are currently over 400, 000 youth under the age of 21 in the U. S. foster care system .

Most {children|kids|young ones} get placed into foster care because their parents were deemed unfit {to take care of|to deal with|to manage} them. {While some|Although some|Though some} quickly {find a|look for a|locate a} forever {home with|house with|house or apartment with} a foster family, {many are|most are|the majority are} passed {from home|from your home|at home} to home. Foster {children|kids|young ones} often have {a difficult|a hard|an arduous} time adjusting to new homes, and foster parents may find it hard {to help|to greatly help|to simply help} them {deal with|cope with|handle} their potentially traumatic pasts.

The foster care system is far from perfect, but every once in a while, an inspiring success story {comes along|occurs|arrives}. For this family in Oregon, they {found that|discovered that|unearthed that} adding a puppy companion into the equation can make {all the|all of the|most of the} difference.

After {being a|being truly a|being fully a} foster grandmother for many years, Sandi Swiridoff {decided to|made a decision to|chose to} adopt an 11-month-old Australian Labradoodle named Reagan.

While she was welcoming her fur baby into her home, her daughter Kari gained {a family member|a member of family|a relative}, too: {a new|a fresh|a brand new} foster baby, 11-month-old Buddy.

Buddy and Reagan hit it off right away.

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