John Podesta, chairman of Hillary Clintons failed presidential campaign, suggested Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin was indeed personally {involved in the|mixed up in|active in the} election email hacks because Russia wanted Donald Trump as its lap dog in the White House.

Russia {clearly|plainly|obviously} intervened, Podesta said on NBCs {Meet the|Meet up with the|Meet with the} Press, in a series of {carefully|vigilantly|watchfully} worded responses about {who was|who was simply|who had been} behind the hacked emails and their impact on Clintons losing campaign.

Podesta’s “lap dog” comment was an apparent {reference to|mention of|mention of the} New York Times op-ed columist Nicholas Kristof implying Saturday in the paper that Trump {would be a|will be a|would have been a} “lap dog — a Russian poodle. ”

Podesta, whose personal email account was hacked, also said Sunday {that he|he} has been contacted by the FBI only once {about the|concerning the|in regards to the} ordeal, two days after WikiLeaks began publishing on Oct. 7 the trove of electronic messages.

{He|That he} said that NBC {revealed|unmasked|unveiled} that Putin was personally involved and that the “CIA, FBI and (Director of National Intelligence James Clapper) all agree that the Russians {did it|achieved it|made it happen} to help Trump.

Podesta declined to say whether he thinks Trump, the Republican president-elect, or his team were directly {involved in the|mixed up in|active in the} hacking, saying Sunday that the issue remains an open question.

{In an|Within an|In a} op-ed {last week|the other day|a week ago} in The Washington Post, he argued the FBI more thoroughly investigated Clintons use of {a private|an exclusive|a personal} email server while secretary of state, compared to the email hacking, which started {this past|earlier this|the 2009} July with the Democratic National Committee.

Podesta wrote something is deeply broken at the FBI and that {the email|the e-mail} hacking purportedly by the Russians was the political equivalent of the 9/11 terror attacks.

Also on Sunday, Donna Brazile, the DNCs interim chairman, called for {an independent|an unbiased|a completely independent}, bipartisan investigation of the attacks {that would|that could|that will} include public hearings.

In her request, Brazile called herself {one of the main|one of many|one of the most significant} victims of the Russian attacks.

Braziles emails were indeed hacked and showed that she, as a paid CNN contributor, gave the Clinton campaign questions ahead of a Democratic primary debate and a town hall-style event hosted by the cable network.

She resigned in the aftermath of the revelations, {but the|however the|nevertheless the} incident {added to|put into|included with} Trump supporters beliefs {about the|concerning the|in regards to the} mainstream media appearing to back Clinton.  

While Clinton campaign staffers have suggested that Russia and FBI Director James Comey — {particularly|especially|specially} his re-opening of {the email|the e-mail} server issue — largely influenced the White House race, Podesta said Sunday the Clinton team was responsible for {the loss|losing}.

He acknowledged that Clinton during the general election {should have|must have|needs to have} visited Wisconsin, which until this year no Democratic presidential nominee had lost since 1984.

Still, he argued that Clintons campaign had a larger grassroots effort than Trumps in Wisconsin and that Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine {frequently|usually|often} visited {the state|hawaii|their state}.

On also losing Democratic-leaning Pennsylvania, {he|that he} said, {At the end|By the end|At the conclusion} of {the day|your day|the afternoon}, theres nothing more {we could|we’re able to} have done.