Man Hears His Dog Whining By Water, Realizes Shes Standing Next To Baby Dolphin

A popular tourism activity in beach towns is whale and dolphin watching, but for those tours, {it is usually|it is almost always|it will always be} on a boat {and not|rather than|and never} from the beach.

When Rich Wilcocktook his cocker spaniel, Leia, to the beach, {he|that he} noticed she was acting strange.

The pair was visitingthe beach in Gwynedd, Wales, when Wilcockdecided {to start|to start out|to begin} taking photos and video of {the beautiful|the stunning|the wonderful} scenery.

{But then|But|However} he noticed Leia was making a “ right old fuss. ” She was whining and sniffing at the ground near some pebbles by the water’ s edge.

Upon further inspection, Wilcock realized she wasn’ t just putting on a tantrum becauseof the water, she was trying to get his attention! She’ d found a beached dolphin.

{The little|The tiny|The small} dolphin {was not|had not been|wasn’t} moving or making any attempt to {get back|reunite|return} in the water. {Clearly|Plainly|Obviously}, Leia knew this was {not|maybe not|perhaps not} normal behavior and let her owner know she was concerned.

Wilcock {was able to|could|surely could} help the dolphin {get back into|get back in to|return back to} the water, and {according to|in accordance with|based on} Daily Mail , he stayed for over an hour {to make sure|to be sure|to ensure} the dolphin was able to swim back out to sea.

If you’ re {happy to|pleased to|very happy to} know this dolphin is safe and love these fascinating creatures, you’ ll also {enjoy this|love this particular|enjoy particularly this} video of dolphins proving to their trainers that they can {communicate with|talk to|keep in touch with} each other.

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