This Dog Knows How To Help Clean Up Around The House — I’m So Jealous!

Most parents {usually|frequently|often} threaten their misbehaving {kids|children|young ones} by taunting them with the dreaded sentence, “If you’re going to live under my roof, then you’re going to follow my rules. ”

{As part of|Within|Included in} my mother’s rules, I was {expected to|likely to|anticipated to} clean up after myself and keep everything tidy. While I never really {put up|set up} much of a fight when it {came to|found|stumbled on} doing chores, I {wasn’t|was not} exactly {eager to|wanting to|desperate to} do them, either.

In the household below, though, even the pets are {happy to|pleased to|very happy to} clean! This sweet dog loves to {help out|help you|help} his owners however possible. He can be caught doing everything from {cleaning up|clearing up|cleaning} spills and messes to picking up all his toys. He also turns on the vacuum and sweeps!

Where {can I|may i|could i} find myself a dog {like this|such as this|similar to this}?

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If this family knows what’s good for them, they might start hiring out the pooch, going door-to-door offering his housekeeping services.

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