Poodle Found Tied To A Fence And Left To Die Looks Like A New Dog After Some Love And Care

I {will never|won’t|won’t ever} understand what {can lead|may lead|often leads} a person to neglect or abuse an animal.

{I am|I’m|I will be} confused and upset when I hear stories about people just letting their animals {go by|pass|pass by} dumping them on the side of the road or in a back alley. They can’ t even manage to bring them to a shelter.

One person did something {even more|a lot more|much more} upsetting: They tied {a dog|your dog|your pet dog} to a fence in a deserted area in the Florida heat. They left thedog to die.

But Sam the poodle did not die! Someone upstairs was {looking out for|shopping for|taking care of} him and a Good Samaritan found Sam in the wee hours of the morning and called for help.

As soon as Florida Yorkie Rescue heard Sam’ s story, they rushed in to help. But it {was not|had not been|wasn’t} an easy road. Sam had a laundry list of {health issues|medical issues|health problems} due toneglect and abuse. They feared he would {not|maybe not|perhaps not} live.

But love and kindness {can be|could be|may be} thedriving factor that inspires an animal to hold {on to|to|onto} hope {as they|because they|while they} wait for {medical care|health care|health care bills} to work its magic. After months of care, he pulled through {and now|and today|now} looks like a brand-new dog!

If you love to see animals like Sam being saved after terrible neglect, {then you|you then|then you definitely} will love Millie’ s rescue story . Shewas found too sick to cry for help but {is now|is currently|has become} a happy and {healthy|healthier} dog!

Warning: The video below contains {images|pictures} of a neglected and abused animal that might be upsetting to some.

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Video Credit: Florida Yorkie Rescue

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